Cherub Choir Program 

Ages 3-7


The Cherub Choir provides enjoyable activities for children, ages three through seven years of age, on Wednesday afternoons  from 5:30 — 6:15 PM .   While their older siblings are at Junior Choir, the younger children do activities that include:

  • Using their voices as instruments with or without accompaniment
  • Learning the exploration of a variety of instruments and art media  
  • Broaden Bible knowledge and social interactions
  • Teach appreciation of different cultures
  • Show movement as sign language, exercise and /or other art form

A typical Wednesday evening Cherub Choir Rehearsal consists of:

5:30 Attendance and Welcome songs (with ukulele or other instruments) and new song

5:40 Bible stories and application

5:50 Exercise and counting in another language

5:55 Review previous songs or art activity

6:05 Snack

6:15 Dismissal   

Cherub Choir FAQ's

Do I need to be a member of Pilgrim Lutheran Church for my child to participate?

No, we have children from the entire community that participate in the Choir.

Does my child have to audition?

Auditions are not required.

Does the Cherub Choir perform.

Yes, the cherub choir sings for select Sunday Church Services at 11 AM, the Christmas Pageant, Christmas Concert and sometimes makes special appearances in the Junior Choir Musical.  

Is there a cost to join?

There is no cost to join but we do appreciate donations to help fund the costs of the program.

The Pilgrim Cherub Choir is directed by Pauline Anunciacion. 

Pauline Anunciacion has worked in preschool to adult education for over fifty years.  She attended Bethany Jr. College, Mankato, and sang with the choir on their Church Concert Tour of the U.S. West in 1954. 

Pauline received a B.A. from Concordia College, River Forest and a Master's Degree from Northwestern University, Evanston, in Elementary Education. As a Critic Teacher, she helped to train new, elementary teachers from Concordia College, River Forest, IL, for three years.  

As a youngster, Pauline was part of a Lutheran Children's Choir and sang in many churches in the Chicago area.  She was director of a children's choir in Pakistan in 1973 and has been an alto singer with the Pilgrim Senior Choir for over thirty five years.  She sang in Carnegie Hall with the Pilgrim Choir in 2010.

Always an enthusiast of the arts, Pauline has taught crafts as well International Folk Dance to people of all ages.  She retired from her last job, as fifth grade teacher and dance instructor at Holton Arms School (23 years), in 2001, and went to teach English language, songs and dance to Chinese teachers of English that summer.

How to Join

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