Welcome to our Pilgrim Place, our Pilgrim Lutheran web site. There’s lots to see here but where should you start? Here are some clues.

We’ve now entered Holy Week. Check out what we offer in services this Holy Week. In addition, we’ll have our annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 4th, from 10:00 — 11:30 AM. We’ll soon have up our entire Easter schedule of activities.

If you’re interested to learn about who we are and what we do, we recommend you go directly to the For Visitors page for some background on who we are. If you’d like to know what we do, go to our Activities page.

There are several links there that will help you learn about Pilgrim Lutheran. If you want more information on Pilgrim’s Junior Choir be sure to check out the Junior Choir page. If you’ve decided you want to visit us and want directions, check out our interactive map. If you’re interested in Congregational Renewal, go directly to the Congregational Renewal page. We continue to add pieces to that page to help you in your own individual spiritual renewal.

If you want to learn who Jesus is and how you might become His disciple, we recommend you go to the Peace with God website.

If you go to our News page you can find updates of what’s changed and available here on the site.