Pilgrim Lutheran Church is ultimately not a building or place. The Church is people. It is the type of people we are that makes us unique.

As Lutheran Christians we believe we’re sinners who are saved by grace through faith. Since we’ve been redeemed, restored, and forgiven we then become Jesus’ disciples. A disciple is a person who, in response to the new life she or he has received through Christ Jesus, then takes that living faith relationship they now have with Jesus Christ out to others through who they are and all they do.

Our mission statement expresses our understanding of God’s will for who we are together as God’s people called Pilgrim Lutheran. The purpose of Pilgrim Lutheran is to welcome God’s people and be faithful to His Word. Through this vision we understand the following as the God-given direction for our ministry and life together: Pilgrim will be known as a beacon of God’s light to this community, a flourishing place of Spirit-led people, and as a resource of leadership and service. We will be a witness of God’s inspiring love.

Our guests will be welcomed, encouraged, enlightened, embraced, and befriended. They will be invited to enjoy God’s blessings with us and to be touched by Christ. Our members will be nourished by God’s Word and supported by God’s grace. As one body, our faith will be active, motivated to minister and serve as God’s light in this place.

We encourage you to join us, as together, we seek to learn God’s will for us—as individuals and as the community we call Pilgrim Lutheran—and then live that out in our individual lives, Church community, and world. 

The Pilgrim Church community gathers weekly on Sundays for worship and Christian education for all ages.

We regularly offer worship services at both 8:30 and 11:00 AM every Sunday. These services generally follow one of the service orders from Lutheran Service Book

At 9:45 AM we offer Sunday School, Youth, and Adult Bible Classes. We offer Sunday School classes for students beginning at age three. We offer a separate Youth Bible class for High School Youth. Finally, an Adult Bible Class (generally led by our pastor) is offered every Sunday. We offer a variety of different activities and ministries during the week as well. Be sure to check for a list of what’s happening through our monthly newsletter, Pilgrim’s Progress, or our weekly bulletin. You may also find what’s happening on our Pilgrim Place web site. Better yet, ask one of our friendly Pilgrims to see what’s happening here at Pilgrim Lutheran that will meet your particular spiritual needs.